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A forum for business, political and public leaders

                                                                                                             The mission of Vilnius GreenTech Forum

A decisive green transformation of the economy and business is the only path to a secure future for Lithuania, not only in the face of global processes that highlight the importance of green progress, renewable energy, and pollution reduction, but also in the face of the threat that slow progress is tantamount to a continuing age of oil, higher fossil fuel prices, and the ability of Vladimir Putin’s empire to fund new wars.

Slower green progress is also a cause of greater economic threats, especially in the face of China’s efforts to dominate the green economy era. Thus, slower green progress could lead to greater economic and geopolitical problems for democracies and the risk of war for countries on the borders with Russia and China. Thus, the states bordering the most powerful dictatorships should be most concerned about the fastest possible green progress. Still, unfortunately, very often this is not the case, because both the destructive and corrupting influence of external forces and the desire to develop the economy for the benefit of dominant capital groups encourage the elites of the bordering states to increase, rather than reduce, the existential threats to the security of their states and their people.

It is this realistic perception of ongoing global processes and threats that encourages the Vilnius GreenTech Forum to continue its mission of uniting the democratic elite of business, politics, and science in Lithuania and the EU in the pursuit of the fastest possible green progress. Although we know that the forces interested in opposing our mission are much more united and often very aggressive, we feel obliged to unite citizens to create a secure future.

We do not doubt that it is clear from the topics announced at the Forum that the path of progress we are emphasizing is the safest for the democracies on the borders with Russia and China and humanity as a whole. We hope that our targeted efforts to speak as widely as possible about the most important developments will be useful and that the power of green progress will grow, as will the possibility of a lasting future of peace and prosperous democracies.

We thank all those who collaborate and support our mission to educate and unite democratic voices in business, politics, and society to build a secure future for democracies and humanity.

Eduardas Eigirdas, Almantas Gliožeris

Founders and organizers of Vilnius GreenTech Forum

Founders and Managers of the Democracy Development Fund